BUILT x BYU Celebrate Historic NIL Partnership

One year ago, BUILT and BYU rocked the sporting world with an announcement that defined the potential of NIL partnerships. This year we are expanding the program by committing up to 15% of all CougarTail™ Puffs sales to support the Cougar football players both on and off the football field. Read the press release here.

Inspiration for the CougarTail™ comes from a 16" maple bar donut that has fans waiting in concession lines long before the game even starts. Built has joined with BYU and made a protein bar that makes every day feel like game day!

"Together We're Going to Fuel The Future"

-Nick Greer

Proceeds from the new CougarTail™ Puffs will go toward full tuition for football walk-ons, or athletes who play without scholarship. BUILT is all about the team. "If you raise the game of the walk-on, you're going to raise the game of everyone else around them. We can go make them better team members, better providers, better leaders. That's what this is about." - Nick Greer

The purchase of every CougarTail™ Puffs supports our bigger Built For Good initiative to help feed millions of kids across the country. Built has partnered with BYU and their athletes to provide opportunities to get involved and help alleviate child hunger. Over the next year, Built has plans to expand the Built For Good program to over 150+ colleges across the nation. Learn more about our Built For Good program here. Together, let’s fuel the future!