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Raspberry Almond Granola Bar - 12ct



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Raspberry Almond Granola Bar - 12ct


  • Product Description

      1 Box of 12 Raspberry Almond Granola Bars.

      Buy 1 Box = Get 10% OFF*
      Buy 2 Boxes = Get 20% OFF*
      Buy 3 Boxes = Get 25% OFF*
      Buy 4 or More Boxes = Get 35% OFF*

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      Elevate Your Snacking with BUILT Granola Bars!

      At BUILT, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate snacking experience. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest creation - BUILT Granola Bars! Packed with the perfect combination of granola, protein, and low sugar and low calories, these bars are the ideal snack to help you power through your day.

      These are not your average granola bars. We've taken things up a notch by crafting a bar with the perfect bite and chewiness, and then wrapped it in 100% real chocolate. Trust us, it's a taste you won't forget.

      So why settle for ordinary snacking when you can have an extraordinary one with BUILT Granola Bars? Try them today and elevate your snacking game!

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