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Double Peanut Butter - 12ct



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Double Peanut Butter - 12ct


  • Product Description

      1 Box of 12 Double Peanut Butter Puffs

      Buy 1 Box = Get 10% OFF*
      Buy 2 Boxes = Get 20% OFF*
      Buy 3 Boxes = Get 25% OFF*
      Buy 4 or More Boxes = Get 35% OFF*

      *Sale price will be applied in checkout
      *Applies to any combination of "September Sale" items
      Cannot be combined with other discounts.

      Q: What has amazing flavor and texture, and is *doubly* delicious? A: The Double Peanut Butter Puff! Boasting a thick peanut butter shell and 17g of collagen protein in just 150 calories, this dreamy treat is the perfect choice for PB-fanatics! Order now before they're gone!


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